The Kant-Gesellschaft was founded in 1904 by Hans Vaihinger in Halle in memory of the hundreth anniversary of Kant’s death. The first member’s assembly on April 22, 1904 decided to formulate the goal of the society as supporting the spread of the study of Kant’s philosophy.

The means used to achieve this goal came at first primarily from the journal Kant-Studien (founded in 1896, likewise by Hans Vaihinger). In addition to the publication of Kant-Studien and associated supplementary periodicals of Kant research, a substantial program of lectures constituted the center of the society’s work.

In celebration of the 300th anniversary of Kant's birth the theme of the 14th International Kant Congress will be "Kant's Project of Enlightenment". The congress will be organized and hosted by the University of Bonn and the Kant Society.

Today’s Kant Gesellschaft e.V. Bonn is open to all those interested and dedicates itself primarily to the following activities:

  1. The publication of the Kant-Studien and supplementary periodicals of Kant research
  2. Organization of congresses every five years
  3. Organization of lectures
  4. Information about all questions concerning Kant research

25th anniversary of the Kant-Gesellschaft, Halle an der Saale 1929 (Halle on the Saale river)